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Island Computers have been the largest Island owned computer resellers for 40 years now..

We are committed to providing great local support to business, home and education users.

You are offered a full range of products and services at competitive prices. These include consultancy, sales, installation, troubleshooting and support.

As a Microsoft Education Reseller we also provide schools with specialised benefits. In some instances savings of thousands of pounds are achieved annually.

Our experienced staff provide you with hardware repairs, system health checks and virus removal.

As marine software specialists we distribute the renowned MAXSURF Hull Modelling, Stability and Analysis packages along with Sails Science & leading CAD products.

And as AV (Audio Visual) specialists Island Computers are authorised Smartboard, Clevertouch Plus and iBoardTouch suppliers..

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We repair cracked and dark screens to all makes of laptop and carry a good selection of Original equipment chargers.

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Island Computer Systems Ltd are the Authorised European Bentley Gold Channel Partner for MAXSURF (vessel design and analysis) and Multiframe (Static and Dynamic Structural Analysis and Design) and are also able to provide the full range of Bentley infrastructure products including MicroStation, PowerDraft, STAAD, SACS and MOSES.

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In January 2020, after years of warnings, Microsoft contacted all users of Windows 7 to inform them that support has finished and they would be much safer using Windows 10.

Consequently our Workshop has been busy providing Windows 10 upgrades, usually combined with a faster, more modern hard drive (SSD - solid state drive). Contact us for offer details and customised suggestions. 

Microsoft Windows 7 – launched in 2009 – came to the end of its supported life on Tuesday 14th January 2020. Despite Microsoft’s repeated warnings to Windows 7 users, there may still be a couple of hundred million users, many of them in businesses. What should people do next?

To begin with, Windows 7 will not stop working, it will just stop receiving security updates. Users will therefore be more vulnerable to malware attacks, particularly from “ransomware”. We saw how dangerous that can be when WannaCry took over unpatched PCs in the NHS and other places. It was so bad that Microsoft released a patch for XP, even though it was out of support.

The British government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) told the BBC: “We would urge those using the software after the deadline to replace unsupported devices as soon as possible, to move sensitive data to a supported device and not to use them for tasks like accessing bank and other sensitive accounts.” 

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